Motivation Speech for Social Change

motivation speech on social sciences

Social meaning society, science meaning knowing about the society or our relation with it. We were small cells of the society have a great part to contribute towards it. Many of us usually think about what will society think if i do something which is wrong in the eyes of others. But who are these others? Will it matter to them if you individually do something? The big question right. Let’s take an example familiar to us, like girls wearing shorts.” Oh my god looks at her dress!!! Come on let’s have a staring competition”, and some of which may have jealousy, body shame, or an orthodox thinking manner.

The eyes should look at the face instead of the legs of the pretty girl which may carry a carefree smile to make you smile we already look at her by giving inappropriate names in our mind. Accidents on road, phones of people standing nearby are taken out but sadly the reason is to take photos and not calling the ambulance.

Even these days girls are not allowed to leave the house after 8, why, you have known reasons. That my people is the society you live in, and we definitely are the cause for this, cause remembers we are the cells. We always think as to when the thinking of the society will change, but did you start changing? The simple example of throwing waste on the road, spitting on the road, it may only be a small form of waste to you but it may also be a big form of the disease to the other. Society’s smaller version is our own home, and parents remember you play an important role to show to the outer world to your child. Starting from small things like separating garbage as dry waste and wet waste, which helps the people that collect the garbage segregate it easier and also helps them from getting hurt. Your small gesture can also be a help to someone without even you knowing. Parents should not teach their girls to close their lives in the four walls of the house, not discourage them to wear clothes they are comfortable in our clothes in which they find themselves looking good, in fact, teach your guys to look at each girl with respect, because if they do then no guy would ever treat a girl improperly or nor would they stand to watch a girl being treated in a bad way. Knowing the importance of social science gives you a sense of responsibility that you have towards society, the freedom that you are capable of, so don’t stand behind to complain that this society will never change, instead initiate a change. Because we as a single human being are much more capable than just applauding movies like Gabbar is back, Jai ho, etc. Because if we have such great minds, then we are yet to see great things.

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