An interview with Josefina Bérard, Author of The Blue Whale Sings from Afar

Short Bio: Carlota Josefina Bérard has a PhD in Drama & Performance from the University of Exeter, England, a Diploma in Art Therapy from L’Atelier, Geneva, Switzerland, an MLitt in Art History from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico. ( check her website- )

An interview with Josefina Bérard

1. If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Spiritual, loving, sensitive.

2. The title of your collection is intriguing. Can you explain the inspiration behind “The Blue Whale Sings from Afar” and what it represents in your poetry?

The title The Blue Whale Sings From Afar is the last line from the first poem in the book and it evokes the essence of this poetry collection.

3. The connection between nature and our responsibility toward the Earth is a recurring theme. How do you use your poetry to encourage readers to appreciate and care for the environment?

By showing the overwhelming beauty of nature

4. The idea of reading as meditation and nature as a form of meditation are central to your work. How do you see these two forms of meditation intersecting within your poetry, and how do they influence the reader’s experience?

Nature and reading are forms of meditation themselves. All the poems from this collection came as a form of meditation… Poetry is meditation.

5. The Independent Book Review mentions your poems as “light as a feather and as deep as the sea.” Could you share how you strike this balance between lightness and depth in your writing?

I described my book “as light as a feather and as deep as the sea.”   The balance between these two opposites is effortlessly possible because they coexist together within nature itself.

6. Seasonal imagery plays a role in your collection. How do you use the changing seasons to mirror emotional journeys within your poems?

Feelings occur all year long at different moments: the four seasons appear in this poetry collection to hold them, situate them, within a time frame.

7. Color symbolism is prominent in your collection. How do you use colors to evoke certain moods or feelings in your readers?

The colour I wanted to explore within my poems was blue and its nuances and the emotions this colour holds.

8. The connection between life and death is mentioned. How do you approach these themes in your poetry and what do you hope readers will take away from these explorations?

Life and death coexist together and they are essential in nature and this poetry collection is triggered by nature. 

9. Are there any authors, artists, or thinkers who have had a profound impact on your literary journey? How have they shaped your creative voice?

Hans Christian Andersen & Lewis Carroll are some of my beloved storytellers and they have influenced me much…

10. Could you share a glimpse into your writing routine and how you manage to maintain productivity as a full-time writer, especially while balancing family life?

I write in the mornings, coffee is needed… I am a constant dreamer… My family supports me completely.

11. Jardín Cerrado” seems to explore the idea of closed spaces, while “Blanco” suggests a sense of openness. Can you elaborate on the symbolism behind these themes in your writing?

Jardín Cerrado explored the colour green & spring as a season within a short story and Blanco explored winter & the colour white within another short story… 

12. Dogs often exhibit unconditional love and loyalty. Do you see these qualities reflected in any of your characters’ relationships in your books, and how do you approach portraying such emotions authentically?

Love, loyalty and dogs are always found within my words, my world and my books… Human beings need much Love.

13. Do you have other writers in the family and friends

No, I am the only writer.

14. What advice do you have for aspiring poets who are looking to create a harmonious blend of vivid imagery, emotion, and thematic depth in their own poetry?

To listen to their hearts.

15. Are there any upcoming projects or themes you’re excited to explore in your future writing? Can your readers look forward to another collection that continues the enchanting journey you’ve crafted in “The Blue Whale Sings from Afar”?

Death is a theme I would like to explore.

16. In today’s fast-paced world, where many people are constantly connected and busy, how do you see your collection “The Blue Whale Sings from Afar” offering a space for readers to pause and reflect?

 The Blue Whale Sings From Afar is all about pause and reflection.

17. Could you give us a sneak peek into a poem from your collection that holds a surprising twist or a hidden connection between color, nature, and emotions? Something that would make readers curious to discover more?

 As soft as a rain cloud

          I have a bucket bag

                 Full of butter,

                  Of biscuits

        And of dark chocolate

           In order to make me


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