Mastering Life’s Lessons: An Interview with John Augillard III

John Augillard III Interview

Short Bio: John Augillard III is an author, social worker, educator, communications trainer and life coach with over 20 years of experience working with teens, adults, marriages, businesses, and families. He has received numerous awards for service in the community as an educator and coach including several Teacher of the Month awards and various schools. His first book is We Love, We Believe.

1. If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be? and Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started as a writer?

Genuine, Curious, Optimistic.

I am a husband of 24 years, father of three. Originally from New Orleans, LA.  Received my bachelor’s in social works and am currently working on my master’s in social work.  I am a former educator professionally but always a teacher.  I always imagined myself being in a movie as I moved through life, but didn’t start writing about the stories in my head until my 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Drews, told me that she loved my stories, and my 7th grade teacher, Mrs. Casper said that she loved my poems.  I wrote a lot for myself and my teachers over the years.  It wasn’t until college when the school’s top English professor reviewed one of my poems to be published with other students that I thought that my writing could be impactful.  She gave a glowing review of it.  I was the only non-English major to have a poem published.

2. Your first book, “We Love, We Believe,” explores themes of love and belief. Could you tell us about the inspiration behind this book and the message you aim to convey to your readers?

That book was the brainchild of my wife.  Once we passed ten years of marriage, people began to ask us about our secret for making it.  We are both believers in God, and He is the center of our marriage, so we wrote about our faith and how that has sustained our marriage through difficult times.  The message is that God’s Word is the secret to a sustained marriage.  Had we relied solely on our own faculties and sensibilities, we would not have made it this far.

3. What inspired you to write “Confident When The World Says You Shouldn’t Be: A Lesson Plan,” and what message do you hope readers take away from it?

I struggled with confidence most of my life.  One day, I started doing an inventory of my life and my struggle with confidence.  I noticed that despite how I felt and what people told me, I was a winner.  I won things, events, and people that I was told I would never win.  The whole time, I had the audacity to keep going.  And that audacity was fueled by ignoring the naysayers and pursuing what I wanted.  In my time as a social worker and teacher, hundreds of people had shared with me privately about their struggles with feeling confident.  After researching the topic and combining my experiences, I wrote the book to help others find out what it means to be confident.  In that journey, I discovered that the world’s definition of confidence missed the mark.  I found the true mark and put it in the book.

4. As an educator, what is your philosophy on teaching and mentorship, especially in the context of the diverse groups you’ve worked with?

When my great grandmother turned 99, she told me that despite her longevity, she still had more to learn.  And she was a college educated woman.  Her words were profound and is the underlying philosophy that guides me as an educator.  As a human being.  There is room for me to learn, so I need to listen and consider what others have to say and have experienced.  I don’t know it all and will never know it all, but I can aim for having lots of knowledge.  I have taught over 150 nationalities and in different socio-economic statuses from homeless to the child of billionaires.  Kids are really all the same, yet unique.  Same with adults.  Everyone wants to be loved, heard, validated, valued and viewed as special.  When I treat people that way, I can get them to learn.

5. Managing roles as an author, social worker, educator, trainer, and life coach can be demanding. How do you maintain a balance and ensure effectiveness in each area?

One day at a time.  Also, through communicating what’s going on while being flexible for my wife and kids.  And I’m learning to be more proactive with my self care.  My family functions better when I function better.

6. Resistance to change is a common issue. How can readers overcome resistance when implementing the lessons from your book, especially in the face of societal or personal expectations?

Through practice.  Societal and personal expectations relentlessly remind us of their place in our lives, so we must be more relentless if we want to overcome those voices and hear God’s voice as well as our own unfiltered.  I read affirmations to myself on a daily basis.  Settling for someone else telling me what to do with bad intentions is a no-go zone for me.

7. Are there specific exercises or activities in your book that readers can engage in to facilitate the process of self-discovery and build confidence?

Yes there are.  The affirmations and self-discovery process is in there, and it’s not cumbersome.  It doesn’t require knowing rocket science or having a PhD to understand.  It’s purposefully practical because we all need a hand sometimes without having to read a 1,000 page book or listen to a 12 hour podcast.

8. Often, challenges bring valuable lessons. Is there a particular challenge or setback in your professional life that taught you important lessons and contributed to your growth?

I am constantly learning and growing, so everyday presents an opportunity to learn.  Most major challenges or setbacks were indicative of my refusal to listen.  I’ve been stubborn a time or two, but that is a part of my journey.  Learning more about my boundaries and confronting the things, people, and mindset that has held me back.  Like Dori told the fish in Finding Nemo, “Keep swimming”.  Whenever I faced a challenge, I would tell my great grandmother and she would say to me, “You’re going to make it.”  I still her her voice whenever a challenge presents itself.

9. Have there been instances where you witnessed a transformative change in someone’s life as a result of your guidance or coaching? Could you share one of those stories?

During my first year teaching, one of the classes that I had was Parenting.  The school received some backlash because I was a male teaching a parenting class. I poured my heart and soul into that class, and I felt like the students were just there so they didn’t get fined, so to speak.  During my conference period, one of my students came in to my class to have me sign their papers for their withdrawal from the school.  I had to put her grade on the paper and sign it.  She told me that because of my class, she told her boyfriend that she was not ready to have kids.  She said that I had made her think a lot about her choices in her relationships and she decided that she would be more responsible before deciding to have a child.  After she left, I bawled like a baby.  I wasn’t sure if I was reaching anyone, and I was.  I was heard.  That felt awesome!

10. For individuals interested in life coaching, marriage coaching, or communication training, how can they contact you to explore these services?

They can reach out to me on instagram @Mr.Augillard

11. Can you share any upcoming projects or initiatives you are excited about, whether it’s in writing, coaching, or any other aspect of your multifaceted career

I’m currently working on two more books and hope to have them published by the summer.  I’m slowing down a bit because of my schooling but people will want to stay tuned!

12. Do you have other writers in the family and friends?

My wife Paulishia Augillard, son Jael Augillard, sister Shana Trahan, Mother-in-law Anita Green and friend Rey Barrera

13. As you reflect on your success, are there specific individuals, experiences, or moments that you feel particularly grateful for on this journey?

Yes and I recognize them in the book.  But also a special shout out to Rey Barrera because without him, I would never have considered sharing my gifts to the world.  He put me in his movies and used my music tracks in them as well.  I’m looking forward to more collaborations with him.

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