When did fighting for equality became an overreaction?

“Hype Of Feminism?”

Back in school days, I was not even aware of something called Feminism. Neither any of my friends did, However, when I joined a feminist organization as an intern, I was surprised. Not because I got to know something different but due to the fact that anything so fundamental needs to be fought for!

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A simple term with a simple meaning, “Equality” was so hard for many people to understand. Just because they couldn’t get to the real meaning, they ended up considering it to be “hyped”.

When did fighting for equality became an overreaction?

No, feminism is not a women’s issue. It’s a human issue! It concerns everyone from men, women to LGBTQ. Who doesn’t want equal opportunities and power to choose?

Let me get a few things right. Feminism is not about doing or not doing a job. It is not about being strong or weak. It is not about having sex before marriage or not. It is about the right to choose and live the way one wants to live. It’s about facing zero discrimination at home, workplace or in public on the basis of your sex.

Consider a person regardless of gender. This person can be strong at times, weak at others, can wear whatever wish to and do whatever want to without any prejudice.

To all the men out there, who are quick to come up with #NotAllMen tags, If patriarchy kills women then it hurts men too. How many times were you allowed to cry or to be weak? Why are you supposed to support the family always? Why can’t you wear a pink shirt, if you want to? THINK before you act. It’s our fight. Let’s do it together.

Feminism is not overhyped. It is needed because if it’s not there then several sections of our society will end up suffering in silence and inequality

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