Environmental Degradation, Climate Change and Inequality

“ Be the change, you want to see in the world”, a quote by Mahatma Gandhi illustrates the biggest desire that each person strives for. We every day here, people, criticizing the government, authorities, neighbors and somewhat their close ones regarding the unequal behavior towards our gender, environment, culture and privileges and wealth.  There have been many policies created to eradicate this thought, but certainly not many have come into existence. Inequality and the environment is an abstract topic that has endless boundaries and multiple dimensions. The environment plays a vital role to protect as well as exploit equality on many grounds.

environment and inequality


Environmental degradation: Although it is said that all suffer equally, in a country like ours the most significantly drenched people are poor and deprived ones. The household waste, unwanted rains, lack of common amenities and no proper waste management often leads to the destruction of small houses of people living on streets. The primary scope of educating these people also somehow gets eliminated primarily because when you’re poor, your focus is not on the complex issues of the environment and how the environment affects our economic future or how to eradicate the waste. Those seem too esoteric. You’re focused on survival. You’re focused on income and economic growth, with extensive work and maximum wage.

Climate change: The most precarious effect on our environment is reasoned to be climate change. This affects everything, particularly the social life of a person, like behavior, culture, values, and the economic health of populations experiencing its effects. Global warming as recorded has got a devastating effect not only a particular place or the country but has a drastic impact on many areas.

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Inequality: Inequality is a vast sphere that one can address to, income, employment, education, as well as demographic differences, such as age or gender, are associated with unequal exposure to environmental risk factors. The environment has brought aggressive outcomes for our world; disparities regarding income are one of the most common inequities. Incomes in various countries are given according to the gender base. Due to lack of employment and education, people suffer which results in the destruction of our environment deeply. People survive in damp homes, with insufficient heating and inadequate sanitary equipment.

Here, the question arises are we doing a basic contribution to the environment? Many would say No, this is because people aren’t educated and does not attain a thought process for saving our environment on such a notion.

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