The Environmental and Gendered Consequences of the Green Revolution

Green Revolution refers to the agricultural movement that began in early 1960s which transformed the rural agrarian economy by introducing new technology and machinery, new plant varieties, chemical fertilizers and pesticides to increase crop yields. Norman E. Borlaug, an American agricultural scientist and plant pathologist laid the foundation for the technological advancement in agriculture. His … Read more

Political Ecology: A Critical Introduction by Paul Robbins (Study Notes)

Ecology refers to the relationship between the human beings and their physical world or surroundings. Robbins inscribes about political ecology through an instance of East Africa. The ecology of East Africa is beautiful and on the same hand important. The flora and fauna (lions, hyenas, baboons etc.) gives the natives as well as the other … Read more


The planet earth and human species have a deeply interconnected relation, wherein they influence each other’s activities. In the last few centuries associated with the industrial revolution, the activities of humans have had a significant impact on the environment, leading to the phenomenon of Global warming and subsequently, Climate Change. This phenomenon of climate change has impacted natural … Read more


The whole of the globe is too hot for human habitation, even if survived; humans would soon die of heat. Diseases will increase and mutate. Food shortages will be chronic due to the difficulty in the adaptation of agriculture to the changing climate. The world map will lose certain countries as they submerge into the … Read more

What is Ecofeminism? Origin, Branches and Critique

Environmental justice and gender equality are both issues that over the decades have been some of the biggest concerns plaguing our planet as a whole. One such movement that looks at the connection between the two and brings ought together both ecology and feminism is ecofeminism. Ecofeminists look at ecological problems as a feminist issue … Read more