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The story of Madison Danaher in the ‘Cliff House’ is a testament to a person’s ability to rebuild life after the harshest battles. From being a victim of violence to being the head of a national company, Madison’s journey is valiant, emotional and inspirational. She has built a successful career, but the past has left her deeply scarred. Her broken heart is closed to love, and her only focus is work. But destiny has other plans. She is heading for a professional venture to a foreign country on her own, unaware of the life-altering experiences awaiting her. The story unfolding is an enthralling emotional roller-coaster.

Madison Danaher is Chief Operating Officer at Tender Care, the most successful hospice company in the US. She is a diligent, persistent, and considerate woman. Trusted by her boss, she is sent to Scotland for the company’s expansion plans. She rents a Cliff house for a six-month stay, and the house brings along many surprises, some sweet, some bitter. And chapters of the book tells us how a rented cliff house becomes Madison’s home.

The story revolves around the themes of trauma survival, patience, love and found family. The author Nora Weirich has built such an authentic world that the words come alive, and give a new dimension to the imagination of the readers. The writing is simple and entails a smooth flow. It has every element of a great story, emotion, love, conflict, suspense and action too. The pages keep on turning themselves, transforming you in the world set so flawlessly by the author. The suspenseful plot will keep the readers on the edge of their seats. Rooting for Madison, you will find yourself fully submerged in her story, wishing for a happy ending.

The novel highlights crucial aspects of traumatic experiences and the impact of emotional scars on a survivor’s mind and life. In thirty-two years of her life, Madison has endured pain many times. Due to her hurtful past, she has learnt to live on her own. Madison’s story shows that physical and mental abuse have a long-term damaging effect. Such experiences made it difficult for her to lead a healthy personal as well as social life.  

Other than professional relations, Madison has just her cat, Julie. The story also suggests that when people fail to understand you, pets can become great companions. Julie is not only emotionally attached to Madison but also very protective of her. The author rightfully depicts the loving bond between Madison and her cat, and never treats Julie as just an adorning element in the story.

Through Madison’s experiences and thought process, the author also comments on the socialization of women in a patriarchal set-up. Madison keeps blaming herself for the non-consensual romantic gestures of her colleague towards her. Not wanting to be a nuisance in the office, she doesn’t complain to her boss. She tries her best to tackle the situation without causing any trouble to the professional workspace. During such scenarios the story depicts the turmoil faced by women, when they take all the responsibility on themselves for a man’s wrongdoings. How Madison deals with it is a matter of intrigue for the reader.

While all the characters have their due special place in Madison’s life as well as in the novel, the most interesting character is Agatha Stuart. She is an old lady who runs a bakery. Madison rented the cliff house through her as she is well-known to Ian Mackay, the Scottish actor who owns the cliff house. Agatha is caring, cheerful and carries interesting stories. She is quirky, honest in her thoughts, and full of surprises. She talks about how women desire sexual pleasure equally to men, which caught Madison off guard. She is attention-seeking but in the sweetest way possible. It is so fun to read her interactions with other characters.

The novel takes its sweet time in telling the story, and all the time invested is worth it. It feels as if watching a dearest friend going through the ups and downs of life. It evokes the urge to protect the characters from misfortune and to wish the best for them. The emotional connection between characters and readers is the most important aspect of any literature, and Nora Weirich has achieved it in her work.

The ‘Cliff House’ is a bewitching novel with dramatic twists and heartwarming romance. It is a mosaic of sweet and sour phases of life. Madison’s journey reminds you of the unpredictable nature of life. It is a must-read as it startles your emotions and soothes your heart.

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