Interview with Dr. Christina Jackson: Insights into Sociology, Activism, and the Journey Ahead

Short Bio: Dr. Christina Jackson, an Associate Professor of Sociology at Stockton University, specializes in urban sociology, social welfare, and inequality from sociological and public health perspectives. Beyond academia, she’s an engaged scholar-activist, facilitating and consulting with community partners and creative groups on topics like anti-violence, gentrification, housing, food justice, and racial justice. She’s co-authored … Read more

Exploring ‘Harvest’: An In-Depth Interview with Professor Emeritus Richard Scharine

Short Bio: Richard Scharine was born in the back room of a Wisconsin farmhouse, went to a one room grade school, and rode a school bus 52 miles to high school. He is currently a professor emeritus in the University of Utah theatre department, where his honors include University Professor, University Diversity Award, and College … Read more

An Interview with Professor Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs, PhD, Author of “How Many Indians Can We Be?”

Short Bio: Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs, PhD, is a prominent scholar holding a PhD in Literature and Languages from Stanford University, along with an MA in Spanish Language and Literature. With a diverse academic background, including dual Bachelor’s degrees in French Language and Literature, as well as Spanish Language/Literature from Occidental College, she serves as … Read more