A Brief Overview: Bhagidari Scheme and Bhagidari Utsav

The Bhagidari Scheme:

This is a citizen-government partnership program sponsored by the Delhi government to ensure the participation of the citizens in governance, which is the true essence of democracy. The Bhandari workshops are organized to bring together the government officials, bureaucrats, police officials as well as citizen groups. This scheme has been designed based on global theories of corporate governance and psychological theories of human interaction. The citizenry and state are entwined through ideas of legality, cooperation, and transparency. The workshop has various cultural activities such as dancing and singing as well as discussions on a number of issues pertaining to security.  This workshop produces its own version of urban citizenship and space.

The Bhagidari Utsav:

The Bhagidari festival is an exhibition of the achievements of the bhagidari scheme. It takes place in in the Pragati Maidan where the Indian International Trade Fair (IITF) (an exhibition which showcases the industrial and commercial achievements in India as well as the cultural aspects related to it) is held. The visitors of the Utsav have modest economic means. It features stall of various departments of the Delhi government such as police, electricity, women’s welfare, etc. Tableaus that represent small-scale models of the colonies that show positive effects of the scheme occupy a major portion of the exhibition. The agenda also includes several cultural performances and distribution of awards. The festive-like environment is enjoyed by the visitors who exhibit globalized consumerist modernity.

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