What is gender schema theory in psychology?

Gender Schema Theory is a cognitive theory that was formulated by psychologist Sandra Bem in 1981. It states that gender roles stem from the culture in which a person is brought up rather than being inborn. This theory attempts to demonstrate how individuals become gendered and how the sex-specific characteristics are retained and further passed-on … Read more

Political Economy: Definition, History, Characteristics, Importance

Political economy is the branch of social science that analyses the correlation between the state, markets and society. It borrows ideas and theories from political science, economics and sociology. The term ‘Political economy’ itself is derived from Greek words polis meaning “city” or the state and oikonomos which means “housekeeper” or the one who manages … Read more


When the word ‘Economics’ is thought about, what generally comes in mind is GDP, production, unemployment, central bank and government’s measures to sustain or support the economy. A common misconception is that economics is applied only at the macro level, that is to say, the economy of nations, the world economy and by corporate firms … Read more