Erik Erikson: Identity Crisis – Explained with 1000 Words

Abstract: The term ‘identity crisis’ was coined by psychoanalyst Erik Erikson who drew experiences from his own life in formulating the theory. He laid down eight phases of psychosocial development of the individual personality. Identity crisis is a phase in this development and usually occurs during the period of adolescence. There are two types of … Read more

Importance of Entrepreneurship and Business for the Society

Abstract – Entrepreneurs are equivalent to innovation. This innovative spirit can be argued to be the main drive behind modern capitalism. This article looks at the type of progress and development brought about by entrepreneurship. It also looks at the varying degrees of innovation embraced by different economies based on their potential. The different arguments … Read more

Private, Public and Home-schooling: Which Is Better? – Essay

Education hones our consciousness. It makes us aware of our human existence, our surroundings and the questions regarding both these aspects which have plagued humans for ages. A school usually refers to education up to the higher secondary level where the basic foundation of the educative process is inculcated in students. In this sense, a … Read more

Top 10 American Feminists and Their Contributions

American Feminists: Feminism is a movement and discourse exploring the pertinent question that has become politically commonplace in contemporary society. It asks the question: ‘why is there inequality between the genders?’ The feminist discourse not only explores the social dimensions of this issue but also the philosophical, economic and political aspects of it. While the … Read more

Media Ethics: Journalism, Controversies, Problems, Dilemmas

What is the right action? What ought not to be done? Ethics is a branch of morality that attempts to regulate these questions. It plays a significant role in maintaining social order by inculcating in individuals appropriate behaviour for social interaction. Also, there is the phenomenon of conscience which prevents individuals from acting in certain … Read more