What are Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks in India

Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks Notes

According to the Wildlife Sanctuaries reports, sqIndia has 103 National Parks, covering an area of 37,921.66 sq km, which is 1.15% of the Geographical area of the country.

In addition, There are 74 National Parks covering an area of 16,630.08 sq km that are proposed in the Protected Area Network Report.

Wildlife Sanctuaries

There were 492 Wildlife Sanctuaries in India and Another 217 Sanctuaries are proposed in the Protected Area Network Report Covering an area of 16,669.4sqkm.

  1. Sunderbans Wildlife Sanctuary, located in West Bengal, It Contains the Mangrove forests of the Gangetic delta, it contains Tigers, Birds, and Fishing cats and also it is accessible by boat ride only.
  2. Corbett National Park, located in Uttar Pradesh and it is famous for tigers, and also includes animals like deer, elephants, cheetahs, leopards, and sloth bears,it contains trees like sal and Hardwood trees, and they allowed photography.wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in india
  3. Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary, This Sanctuary has a beautiful valley and river, Wildlife animals like Kashmiri stags, black bears and musk deer, In recent years the wildlife here have been vastly endangered and it is 22kmaway from Srinagar.
  4. Manas Wildlife Sanctuary, it is surrounded by rivers like Manas, Hakua, and Beki, and Wildlife animals include tigers, buffaloes, elephants,sambhars, swamp deer and langurs. The Bodo rebels of Asom have recently used it and consequently, most of its infrastructure has been destroyed.
  5. Ranthambore National Park, It is a small park when compared with other national parks in India,it is located on the Mumbai-Delhi rail line and it is 160kms away from Jaipur, Rajasthan. It is a famous fLakeake tiger but nowadays the number is decreasing because of the large scale poaching in these areas.
  6. Kaziranga National Park, This park is located in Assam state and its famous for One-horned Rhinos which are almost extinct now but for a few. The Park is full of Tall grasses and Swampy areas. The rhinos can be spotted around the swampy areas, bathing, egrets and other birds are also accommodated here.
  7. Annamalai Wildlife Sanctuary, This is along the slopes of the Western Ghat mountains in the border between Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It is also known as Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary. It has an area of around 1000 sq km and houses elephants, gaurs, tigers, panthers, deer,porcupines, and wild cats.
  8. Kanha National Park is a most beautiful park in Madhya Pradesh, Originally it was conceived to protect the swamp deer also called Barasing has but now it also includes tigers, chitals, Blackbucks, Langurs and Leopard.
  9. Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary is located in Tamil Nadu around 35 km to the south of Chengalpattu place, Cormorants, egrets, herons, storks, ibises, Cormorants, hornbills breed here from October to March. At the Peak Season of December to January, more than 30,000 birds can be spotted.
  10. Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary, It is also called Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and located in Rajasthan, there are many birds like herons, storks, cranes, and geese which are migrated from Siberia and China Countries.

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