Environmental Degradation, Climate Change and Inequality

“ Be the change, you want to see in the world”, a quote by Mahatma Gandhi illustrates the biggest desire that each person strives for. We every day here, people, criticizing the government, authorities, neighbors and somewhat their close ones regarding the unequal behavior towards our gender, environment, culture and privileges and wealth.  There have … Read more

Terms Related to Religion: One liner Meaning

religious girl

Religion: Having Beliefs, Practices, and values on supernatural or in God, There are many religions in our world, in sociology, there is a separate branch to study religion, Durkheim explained elementary forms of religions and in India, M.N.Srinivas done fieldwork in south India Religious Belief: It refers to attitudes towards mythological, supernatural, or spiritual aspects … Read more

Generalization, Stereotypes and Common Sense: Explained

What is Generalization? Max Weber stated that “Verstehen” (German word for “understanding”) was instrumental in understanding Interpretive Sociology. Sociologists don’t observe a phenomenon but they tend to question it and find out the reason behind its occurrence. In order to understand society at the macro level, one needs to understand the self and interpret human … Read more