Churchill, Sukarno, Nikita Khrushchev, Jawaharlal Nehru, Mao-ts-tung

winston churchill

Great Personalities of the world 1.Winston Churchill(1874-1965) British statesman, Author, Historian, son of Randolph Churchill and descendant of the great Duke of Marlborough. In early life, Churchill served the Army in India and as a newspaper correspondent as a conservative in 1900 but changed his allegiance in 1905 and held various posts in liberal governments. On … Read more

The Principal Organs of the United States : Summary

The Principal organs of the United Nations General Assembly Security Council Economic and Social Council Trusteeship Council International Court of Justice Secretariat   1.The General Assembly: The General Assembly consists of all the members of the united nations.Each member state has one vote only.The General Assembly meets once a year, but it may also meet in special … Read more

What is Communalism, How to curb it and safeguards

What is Communalism Communalism is a narrow, divisive and aggressive attitude on the part of a group to the detriment of other groups.They Look upon each other with a sense of suspicion and hatred. Communalism of one variety feeds on communalism of other varieties.Religious orthodoxy and fanaticism provide the ground on which the tendency of communalism stands … Read more

What is Imperialism? Types, History, Advantages, Disadvantages

Imperialism-Past, Present and Future Imperialism is the policy, practice or advocacy of extending the power and dominance of one nation over the other. It can be practiced both by directly acquiring geographical territories or by gaining indirect control over the economy or polity of other areas. This article will discuss the history and motives behind … Read more

Short Notes on Jajmani System

A very important feature of traditional village life in India is the jajmani system. The Term jajman refers to the patron or recipient of specialized services and the term jajamani refers to the whole relationship. The jajmani system is a system of economic, social and rituals linked with among different caste groups in a village. … Read more