List of Scientific Instruments and Its Uses

  1. Altimeter uses for Measuring attitudes
  2. Ammeter uses for measuring strength of electric current
  3. Anemometer uses for measuring force and velocity of wind and direction
  4. Audiometer uses for measuring intensity of sound
  5. Barograph uses for recording  of atmospheric pressure
  6. Barometer uses for measuring atmospheric pressure.
  7. Binoculars uses for viewing distant objects
  8. Bolometer uses to measure heat radiation
  9. Calipers uses to measure inner and outer diameters of bodies
  10. Calorimeter uses to measure quantities of heat
  11. Cardiogram (ECG) uses to trace the movements of the heart  and it recorded on a cardiograph
  12. Cathetometer uses to determine heights, Measurements of levels and etc
  13. Chronometer uses to determines longitude of a vessel at sea
  14. Colorimeter uses to compare the intensity of colors
  15. Commutator uses to change or reverse the direction of electric current, Also used to convert AC into DC
  16. Cryometer , it’s a type  thermometer used to measure very low temperatures ,usally close to 0 degrees C
  17.  Cyclotron , its a charged particle accelerator which can accelerate charged particles to high energies
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