Some Interesting and awareness points on Yoga practices


  • Yoga is the word derived from Yuj, Sanskrit Word, which means to unite.
  • Asanaya means the seated situation position used for meditation.
  • Yoga Sutra,Patanjali’s book which consists of instructions and aphorisms on Yoga ,written by yoga guru or sage called Patanjali.
  • The Surya Namaskar,it’s a yoga exercise which helps us to increase solar plexus.Totally there are 12 poses in the Surya namaskhar
  • Shirshasan, its a yoga position also called King of all Yoga Poses.In Shirshasan Yoga pose, we should headstand with the help of forearms
  • Hatha Yoga position helps for physical, muscular and breathing practices.
  • Some People fear ofwater,its because ,blockage  of chakra called Swadishtana .
  • There are three important muscular lock or we can call it as bhandhas of yoga,they

    are the  Uddyana ,mainly relates to abdominal, The Mula relates to pelvic floor and Jalandhara bandhas

  • There are three important energy changes in yoga,they are Ida,Pringala,Sushumna.
  • There is one rare pose in yoga ,called Fish pose,this pose helps us to expand the thoraic cavity.
  • Mantr is the most often word ,we listen always in the yoga session.
  • There is one breathing exercise in yoga ,called Pranayama ,which is common execise every newbie have to do it ,it helps for better fuctioning of our lungs.

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