Four Literary Awards – Jnanpith, Sahitya, Vyas, Saraswati Summan

Literary Awards

  1. Jnanpith Award: It is under the Individual category, an Indian literary Award presented in every year for the extraordinary  work Author for outstanding contribution in literature. The main description is ” Literary Award in India “.It was started in 1961, G.Sankara Kurup was the first awardee(s) and the recent Awardee(s), Shankha Gosh. Total 57 Awarded. Cash Award is the 12 lakhs Approx, Till now Seven women were awarded and Bengali women Ashapoorna Devi was the first women.Total 15 languages authors eligible for awards ,like : Telugu,Kanada,Tamil, Hindi,Malayalam,Odia,Punjabi,Assamese,Marathi,Gujarati,Bengali,Kashmiri,Konkani,and Sanskrit.
  2. Sahitya Academi Award: This is an award for all the writers , for their extraordinary contribution to Indian literature and Hindi Literature especially, It is an annual award,but in 1962 no award was granted.It was started in the year of 1955 .Makhanlal Chaturvedi was the first awardee in the field of poetry and his work was Him Tarangini. Nasira Sharma , Recent Awardee in the feild of poetry , her work was parijat.
  3. Vyas Samman: It was started in the year of 1991,past ten years authors are eligible for this award .This award particularly for Hindi literature, K.K. Birla Foundation is the awarded to winner ,Annually with the cash prize of,250,000.Recent Awardee ,Surinder Verma for poetry collection “Kaatna shami ka vriksha padma-pankhuri ki dhar se”  and the first awardee was in1991 – Bharat ke Pracheen bhasha parivar aur  by Dr. Ram Vilas Sharma.
  4. Saraswati Samman: This award is the highest literature awards in India, was started in the year of 1991,at the location of delhi,for the prose and poetry works only. Awarded to all 22 languages in India, according to the Schedule VIII of the Constitution of India.It was started by  K. K. Birla Foundation in 1991, he will award to winners with the cash prize of 15 lakhs , Candidates are selected in the view of their work it should be published in 10 years.The first Awardee was Harivanshrai ‘Bachchan’ for his four-volume autobiography, Kya Bhooloon Kya Yaad Karoon was the one of the among .currently this award held by Mahabaleshwar Sail in 2016, her work was sin Konkani language.


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