Weightless, Woven Words – My Journey and Inspirations

Weightless, Woven Words, in a few words, is a work my heart and mind are both extremely fond of. Being my first published work, it gives readers a chance to peer into who I am. It is essentially a window into my artistry and personality. The journey in writing is a funny idea to consider … Read more

Through Her Eyes by Maheen Mazhar

Since I have been old enough to understand myself, I have always thought too deeply about everything in life. Always found myself questioning standards and the status quo, intrigued about why do we always follow norms that are set for us by society? Culture? Or others? Even in this generation of social media, everyone is … Read more


Think about an urban center. What are those images that strikes our mind first? Restaurants, malls, theatres. Have we ever thought about those, who lives at the sidewalks of city? How do they live in streets? What about their interpersonal relations? How is their social organization? How does they contribute to the society? “Sidewalk“ written … Read more

John Locke’s Second Treatise of Government – A Summary

In 1689, John Locke, an English philosopher, wrote and published two Treatises of Government. The First Treatise was a rebuttal and response to Robert Filmer’s “Patriarcha”, while the Second Treatise outlines his views and plans or ideas for a better society. Both these works had and continue to have a massive influence on the political … Read more