Ascribed status: Definition, Meaning and Examples

Ascribed status in society means a status which is not achieved on the basis of merit or skills. It is something which you are assigned by birth. Many of the statuses which are assigned by birth are due to sex, caste or age in many of the countries.

ascribed status examples

Suppose an actor child has ascribed a status of being an upcoming superstar. He/ She does not need to work hard just like their parents. This kind of status lessens the amount of hard work sometimes. But as it is said that every aspect has its own pros and cons. From the above example, it can only be understood that an active child always gets to hear that whatever you are today is because of your parents. Their hard work in acting or even if they have tried living like a commoner in the film industry will never get appreciated by other people. It could be one of the reasons for demotivation among star kids. Some countries like India are driven by caste factor. Due to the assigned position of being a Brahmin boy/girl you are forced to marry someone of that caste only. The struggle to marry someone of their own choice can be seen as a rebellious act in India whereas in other countries it is a normal thing.

Sex is also a factor which designs most of the set standard anywhere. No matter whatever is the situation, two dialogues which can be heard every now and then, you are not allowed to roam outside after 8 o clock because you are a girl. Listen, you cannot cry, after all, you are a boy. This kind of messages which is feed into a child’s brain, slowly become their thoughts until acculturation process is done for being able to see the world differently. Ascribed status does not get good along with the society as compared to the achieved status. Many dreams and abilities have failed even before they have tested due to the ascribed status of society. Also ascribed status does not change according to a situation like achieved status. For example, a king’s first son will be the next heir no matter what. It is neither done on merit level nor the choice is made by the prince whether he truly wants to be king or not.

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