Explanation on Gender Socialization

Gender Socialization

Nature made humans and each human conferred with different responsibility. Everyone has his work to do. Responsibilities are such that they cannot be transferred rather can only be shared so that they may not give extra load on an individual. Even a society is constructed by its framers with the prior intention of sharing responsibilities. Framers design rules, norms, regulation, and structure of a society in such a way that, it shall remain always easy for an individual to share such responsibility. So, here the explanation clarifies that everyone, before his/ her birth, has assigned to a responsibility.

Nature, to balance, has given birth to a man along with the woman. They both are equally loaded with their responsibility which is equal. Neither man has such responsibility which is more, nor does a woman have such responsibility which is more than the former.  In today’s society male with their dominant behaviour appears as conqueror and woman’s with their accepting quality appears as their support.

Gender socialization is the process through which two genders are made aware of their separate responsibility; or in other words, it is the learning of the social expectations which are with one particular sex. There are many definitions and explanations which are given by the sociologists highlighting the aspects of gender socialization; and also, why human males and females are forced and are expected to behave differently: the first reason is they are taught different social roles. Consider a blank notebook, it can be filled with any material and any subject, it reads the same as it is filled similarly when a girl is subjected to learning. She is expected to learn different household chores or works. She learns how to run the house, she is taught and equipped with different instruments used for running a kitchen; whereas a boy learns how to mow lawns and take out garbage moreover the works which require more physical work are expected to get completed by boys.

Reasons and factors which leads to Gender socialization are very common in all societies such as, parental attitudes: children learn what they are taught and also what their atmosphere asks them to do. Other factor includes schools, i.e. sometimes a girl asks to work in the field as a boy or shows her interest in physical development but here, what affects their choice is peers interaction. It is a very old proverb, “your company in your leisure time is the mirror of what you are”. A boy always try to remain in the group of boys and a girl always finds a company of girls and when they see the difference between their expected work/ hobby and their present hobby they suppress their wish and work according to the expectations. This is also a form of gender socialization where the same gender, without actually teaching from words, influences the work and hobbies of a gender. Moreover, mass media also play its part in this context. Most of the time it can be observed that gender roles lead to inequality.

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