Explanation on Gender Socialization

Gender Socialization Nature made humans and each human conferred with different responsibility. Everyone has his work to do. Responsibilities are such that they cannot be transferred rather can only be shared so that they may not give extra load on an individual. Even a society is constructed by its framers with the prior intention of … Read more

Pratham Pratishruti of Ashapurna Devi: A Feminist’s Representation

Ashapurna Devi, a prominent Bengali novelist, born in 1909, in the colonial India which just got jolted by the wave of enlightenment. All of her writings focused on the existing gender discrimination and the emergence and evolution of middle-class Bengali women-their oppression, position, consciousness and conscientiousness, inspirations and of course their fight. She traces how … Read more

Rural women’s Development and Employment Project

Programmes for Women and their Impact: Rural women’s Development and Employment Project No  country can be considered as developed, if a particular gender-group is preferred with privileges over the other groups: if males are given preferences which are most common in every society, then the development of the country having such societies is tough and … Read more

Dalit Women Talk Differently – A Critique of Difference and Towards a Dalit Feminist Standpoint Position (Summary)

DALIT  WOMEN TALK DIFFERENTLY –A Critique of ‘Difference’ and Towards a Dalit Feminist  Standpoint Position   There has always been a dichotomy between the western feminist and that of the Indian feminist thought context, this is partly because of the different situations and consequences of the particular space and time which shifts from one period … Read more