Rural women’s Development and Employment Project

Programmes for Women and their Impact: Rural women’s Development and Employment Project No  country can be considered as developed, if a particular gender-group is preferred with privileges over the other groups: if males are given preferences which are most common in every society, then the development of the country having such societies is tough and … Read more

Dalit Women Talk Differently – A Critique of Difference and Towards a Dalit Feminist Standpoint Position (Summary)

DALIT  WOMEN TALK DIFFERENTLY –A Critique of ‘Difference’ and Towards a Dalit Feminist  Standpoint Position   There has always been a dichotomy between the western feminist and that of the Indian feminist thought context, this is partly because of the different situations and consequences of the particular space and time which shifts from one period … Read more

Gender Stratification: Meaning and Overview

Gender stratification Stratification has always existed in our society but earlier the economic and caste barrier were considered as major reasons, but later on, female sociologists tactfully showed how gender equally plays an important role in stratifying our society. The females were abused and were underclass level stratification but afterwards, it occupied a different category. … Read more

Short Notes on lesbian studies, lesbianism and their history with examples

A Lesbian is a female homosexual. A female who experiences love or sexual attraction to other females. The term ‘Lesbian’, is used to express as sexual identity, the behavior of a person or as sexual preference or orientation. The word ‘Lesbian’, was derived from the Greek island LESBOS, where Sappho, had written poems of Love … Read more