Feminization of Poverty

The ‘Feminization of poverty’ was noted by Diana Pearce in the late 1970s. It was popularized, though, by the United Nations in the 1990s. Women experience poverty at rates that are disproportionately higher than that of men. It is not to be confused with poverty since poverty is a state while the feminization of poverty … Read more

Women Empowerment Through Higher Education in Odisha: Challenges and Prospects

Abstract  Women Empowerment has always been a burning issue in India. There have been numerous academic works carried by different researcher on this topic. However, this research work lies with the fact that it attempts to bring out the connection between women empowerment and higher education in the context of one of the most under a … Read more

INDIAN SOCIETY: Social Change and Reforms and Differences

‘The #metoo movement, the POSCO act brought in by the government, the rising tendencies of populist leaders around the world, The Independence of India, The French Revolution- are all social changes. These changes can carry values which are either binomial in nature (good or bad) or a mix of these values. Thus, we try to … Read more

Patriarchy, Entitlement and Sexual division of labour: Overview

Patriarchy, Entitlement and Sexual division of labour: Humans have existed for more than 400,000 years and our social systems have gone through a continuous change in some spheres which can be felt and is obvious while in some spheres where it is extremely influent but proportionately more latent. The same applies to our social structure … Read more

Peasant Movements in Independent India

India is famous for its colorful and delicious cuisines and delicacies. It is a land of varied types of crops and spices. The farmers who do agriculture in India stand the highest place with the majority of the occupation that is seen in the country. Still, the condition of the farmers is becoming adverse day … Read more