Editorial: Definition, Importance and Types

It is a section in newspaper or magazines in which the writers or editors share their opinion on ongoing topics. It is believed to be a brief essay on current issues; the writers share their opinion in regards to the publishing house which is seen as the opinion of the entire publishing house. If an … Read more

Purpose and Functions of News – Explained

When we talk about journalism and its functions, the few things that pop into our heads are that it helps in educating people, informing them, and guiding them in forming their opinions. In a nutshell, its primary function is to disseminate information on a larger scale and to reach people all over the world. The … Read more

Brief History and Timeline of Journalism

If we talk about gathering and transmitting news in this way, we are all reporters. If we go back to our older days, people verbally transmitted news, and as we can see with the progress in technology, we have new sources through which we get news. Previously, people who traveled brought news from outside their … Read more

Relationship between Sociology and Law

Sociology and Law are two interwoven topics. Society is directly related to sociology, and in this matter, every society follows certain laws. Therefore, laws are an essential part of society. Sociology helps law to better understand society for smoother regulation and formation of laws. Similarly, the law is important to regulate society. Norms, customs, traditions … Read more