Louis dumont Biography and Contributions

Louis Dumont was a French anthropologist, sociologist, and Indologist who was an outstanding person in the field of sociology and anthropology. He was determined and debated on India and the West. He studied different societies and did an inter-civilizational comparison. His father was an engineer and his grandfather was a painter. He acquired traits from … Read more

George Herbert Mead – Biography, Contributions, Practise Questions

An American sociologist named George Herbert Mead (1863-1931) was known as the founder of American pragmatism, explorer the symbolic interaction theory and founder of the social psychology. George Herbert was born in the month of February 27 of 1863 in Massachusetts. Father named Hiram Mead, he was a minister and pastor of a local church. … Read more

Plato – Biography, philosophy, Works, Contribution

Plato was said to be an ancient Greek philosopher. he studied Socrates also he was a teacher of Aristotle and he found the academy. He authored philosophical works of unparalleled influences. He influenced many of the writers or researchers such as Heraclitus, Parmenides, and Pythagoreans. There have been many controversies for Plato’s work as it … Read more