Editorial: Definition, Importance and Types

It is a section in newspaper or magazines in which the writers or editors share their opinion on ongoing topics. It is believed to be a brief essay on current issues; the writers share their opinion in regards to the publishing house which is seen as the opinion of the entire publishing house. If an article is written by someone else who belongs to the outsiders, then the disclaimer is shared.

editorial newspaper meaning,importance amd types

Editorials are believed to be the heart and soul of the newspapers. Each and every newspaper is incomplete without the editorial section. Here the editor not only shares his or her view but also criticize and appreciate the ongoing topics. Editorial is light in nature they should be interesting, full of thought evoking and debatable at the same time. It is said to be the window or reflection of newspapers news policies meaning if an editor is writing an article it is generally assumed that it is the view of the news publishing house.

Everyone such as news editors, readers and critics have different meaning and image of how editorials should be but according to some scholars, we cannot actually explain what an editorial is. Generally, these articles are published on an editorial page with the heading and the name of the editors and other members if there were any.

Editorial is the only section were newspaper can state its own opinions and comments on the current issues. This cannot be done in other news writing styles such as column and feature writing. But here the editor has the advantage as the article will be seen as the opinion of the entire newspaper. In column and feature writing the thing is that the editors are the one who will be held accountant but it is totally different in editorial writing. It is also said to be the unique style of communication between the editor and the readers.

Importance of Editorial:

Editorial makes any serious and uninteresting topics debatable.

They are attractive in nature.

They are thought-provoking and raise questions in mind of those who read it.

It is the heart and soul of the newspapers. Editorials can be also considered inspiring and motivational meaning many times if an individual read an article gets inspired to reply back or leave a feedback on that specific article this might help him in future write for himself in editorial sections.

It displays the values and policies of a newspaper. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind the importance of objectivity of these articles. If any mistake is made by the editor the entire newspaper will be questioned.

There are different types of Editorials:

  1. Interpretation Editorial it explains what is considered to be important in the news event or on current issues. It gives information such as main characters of the news, factors, actions taken place and all the other important details. Here the interpretation is made on the basis of facts and figures available. Here no personal opinions are stated.
  2. Criticism Editorial this style is used when one has to see both the good and bad features of the news event or any kind of news item through the eyes of an editor. The editor shares these editorials to influence people and at times add the solution at the end.
  3. Editorial of Appreciation in this the praise or appreciation is given to those who have done well in their work and deserve an appreciation.
  4. Entertainment Editorial in this those topics is taken that would interest the youth. Topics that would be light in nature and serves as an entertainment.
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