Photojournalism: Definition, Characteristics, Types, Events

It is said to be a newer concept. In photojournalism, we use words and pictures to describe the whole event, which is covered by the journalists. In photojournalism, the photographer has to click a picture that is strong and can summarize the whole event in one picture. A news photographer is very different from a regular photographer.


Characteristics of a good photojournalist:

  1. The news photographer must have a creative vision.
  2. He must be quick to analyze the whole event and click a picture which must be used as a summarizing agent.
  3. The photojournalist must know all the techniques of photography and editing.
  4. He must be passionate and accept photojournalism as full-time work.
  5. He must take inspirations from other photojournalists.
  6. He must also know how to work under harsh circumstances with low equipment.
  7. He should have a unique sense of imagination.
  8. He should be positive in nature and must be humane to certain situations.
  9. He must be good with the camera handling.
  10. He should always be ready with all his requirements in advance so that if there is an event happening he can rush to that event on time.
  11. If the photographer is going to click a picture of a known personality he should have some background information about them. So that he can click pictures according to their personalities.
  12. The photographer needs to have all the cameras, lights and lenses and have the knowledge to use them according to the events.

There are different types of photojournalism:

  1. Sports photojournalism: in this, the photographer has to attend different sports event to click that one picture which can help the audience understand the whole event. Here photographer has to be very alert and should know which angle is best to click the picture.
  2. Feature photojournalism: Here the photographer clicks those picture which is of human interest such as exhibitions, fairs, fashion events, business events etc.
  3. Environmental portraits: when the photographer is present in the field where the event is taking place and captures the essential subject of the event. The portrait must convey the subject of the picture.

Preparing for the Event:

The steps you should take are as follows:

  1. If you are lucky enough you will come to know about a certain event that going to happen nearby you. Therefore keep your eyes always open.
  2. Get all the information of the event and know all the 5 W’s and 1 H i.e. When is the event happening? What time? Where? Who are the guests in the event? And why the event is happening and how the event is conducted?
  3. Prepare your bag of magic i.e put all your required items that you will need for the photography and do not miss out to know which camera or lenses would be best for what event. Always carry extra batteries if your camera requires any.
  4. If the event is starting at 1 pm then you must reach at the located venue 2-3 hours before so that you will know all the information regarding the event.
  5. Once the event start keeps your eyes and mind wide open and do not miss any crucial moment to be clicked and do not distract yourself by mingling with others.
  6. Once you are done with the event review all your pictures and as soon as you reach your home store them in the computer.
  7. Later edit those pictures and select that picture which can be used to summarize the whole event for this you must have the eyes to know which the best pictures are.
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