Top Five Common Interview Questions in 2017

It is an established fact that certain questions almost necessarily crop up very often in an interview here are some interview questions, different from job to job and accordingly the answers also differ as per specific job requirements, some typical questions and their possible answers are as follows these are the few interview questions How … Read more

Nationalism: Meaning, Types, Explained with Examples


Nationalism can be defined as a political ideology that is on the principle and premise of the fact that a particular individual’s allegiance and sense of loyalty for the nation-state surpasses their individuality or any other specific group interest. The concept of nationalism came into mainstream usage since the American and French revolutions where a … Read more

What are the causes of Unemployment in India

Unemployment is a situation where a person who is capable, qualified and willing to work at the existing wage rate does not get work, There are 8 major unemployment causes in India. Causes of Unemployment in India Lack of stock of physical capital All economic activities require physical capital to produce them.  A farmer needs … Read more

Collective Behavior: Meaning, Types, and Examples

Collective Behaviour can be defined as any action engaged in by a sizeable but loosely organised group of individuals that is not mandated or regulated by institutions, which is spontaneous and consequently more volatile and less predictable. The term was first used by Franklin Henry Giddings in 1908. Types of Collective Behaviour Crowds A crowd … Read more