Earthquake types and types of Waves, its characteristics, incidences

 Different Types of Earthquake On the Basis of the depth of their Foci, there are three earthquake types, they are Deep-focus earthquakes, Intermediate focus earthquakes, and Shallow-focus earthquakes. Deep-focus earthquakes: This type of earthquakes occur at depths exceeding 300kms. Intermediate focus earthquakes: They occur with the depths of the focus ranging between 55Kms and 300Kms. Shallow-Focus earthquakes: It … Read more

list of “first woman” in all fields in India

List of “First Woman” in india Smt.Pratibha Patil, India’s First woman president. Smt.Indira Gandhi, India’s First Woman Prime Minister and First Bharat Ratna Winner. Sarojini Naidu, India’s First Women Governor and also first woman president of INC(Indian National Congress) Razia Sultan, India’s First Woman ruler on Delhi throne. Kiran Bedi, India’s First Woman IPS officer in … Read more

List of Top Research institutes in India and their Location

Top Research Institutes and Centres in India Indian Agriculture Research Institute is located in New Delhi. Central Rice Research Institute is located in Cuttack. Central Sugarcane Research Institute is located in Coimbatore. Central Potato Research Institute is located in Shimla. Central Tobacco Research Institute is Located in Rajamundry. Central Forest Research Institute is located in … Read more

Interesting and Basic Facts about Indian Civil Services


Implementing The policies laid down by the elected executives is the ultimate Job of the Indian Civil services. Presently we Indian Administrative Service(IAS), had another name before Indian Independence, that is, The Indian civil services. A District Collector has Administrative and magisterial powers, that’s the reason, he is also The Executive magistrate of the district.u … Read more

Some Interesting and awareness points on Yoga practices

  Yoga is the word derived from Yuj, Sanskrit Word, which means to unite. Asanaya means the seated situation position used for meditation. Yoga Sutra,Patanjali’s book which consists of instructions and aphorisms on Yoga ,written by yoga guru or sage called Patanjali. The Surya Namaskar,it’s a yoga exercise which helps us to increase solar plexus.Totally there are … Read more