What is Gender Budgeting and Explanation !

Introduction to Gender Budgeting: Girls has proved that if they are not more, then at least they are not less able than boys. Girls are seen as appointed in almost every job and at every post; even with such facts government can not change the mentality or the residing beliefs of the society. As a result sex ration is increasing, it is leaning towards the males, i.e. population of males as compared to females, is gradually becoming greater. Abortion rates are getting higher and encouragement for girls-development is getting lesser.

Therefore above described facts has created a situation where a girl is suppressed, her efforts are assumed to have no value; if girls  are not suppressed, at least they are also not encouraged, no child on earth has taken birth, with a desire, to  fight for his dreams then a little child who is  still unknown about the “rights” and “wrongs” of the society, how could fight for dreams and overcomes from her obstacles.

Therefore, the  Government budgets or bills are able to balance the gender inequalities, i.e. government is making continuous efforts towards the positive changes in gender dimensions of the society; government is making investments in the field of girls development. In recent years Gender Budgeting has promulgated and become known as a tool for eradicating the gender inequalities,  at national and international levels.

Here a question arises, what is actually the literal meaning of gender budgeting? It  is a process in which efforts are made and steps are taken at various stages to promote girls as well as a boy, both simultaneously; for example:- formulation of programmes and policies highlighting the reservation of girls and girls quota, completing the needs and requirement of candidates and participants, facility of (R.T.I.) Right To Information, preventing the concentration of resources so that other parts may not face scarcity, enforcement of programmes with strict executive action, providing the resources as per the needs and requirements or in accordance to the necessity of the completion of needs and so on.

Gender Budgeting strengthen the administrative process of the country or the state; also such actions which are taken to achieve a remarkable improvement in the social status of women. It checks and analyses, whether the given facilities are used in the expected ways or not; it checks whether the resources used by the individuals are giving expected results or not;  it analyses the expenditures from the genders perspective and assumes the development and growth of the country.

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