Life is Beautiful : Love yourself, Life will love you back!

Place your hand on your heart. Feel that? You’re alive for a reason. Don’t forget that.

I only want to imbibe a feeling in each heart that ‘life is a series of tiny miracles. Notice them’. World is a beautiful place if visioned properly. The approach to prevent suicide should not be to just save a life but a soul and my friend, there is a huge difference. You can save a body by getting on time, grounding the person somewhere harmless but a soul will be saved when all the energy which is contributing to these feelings of guilt or pressure to end a life are out in the air for it to dissolve itself and leave the person happy and content.

beautiful life

Everyone wants to be appreciated or acknowledged in all modesty. They feel the need to be accepted in their home by their family, friends, society and it raises a question: Is this worth it? You can try to make others happy being unhappy yourself for a short period of time and when that threshold kicks in, you don’t lose your happiness but your faith and identity.

I am 21 years old. Never did I think that my life will turn out the way it did but hey! That’s what we are here to experience: Our unplanned journey to a planned destiny. I was a self-centered, fun-loving kid back then having the dreams of the biggest mansion and over these years, I have turned into an optimistic, philanthropic and a hard-working kid aspiring for a home, a peaceful home for myself which makes me think what happened? Am I drained? But how? 21 isn’t that much, is it? How much could I have faced feeling this way?

Trying to make everyone happy and getting lost in your own unique journey is the culprit here. Everyone is special. All we need is a little bit of love and compassion towards each other to put on their pants and feel what they are going through. We can not judge someone by their appearance or their miseries. Only if we could be more generous and giving because what you give away finds a way back to you.

When someone is raped, all they think is ‘what society is going to think of me, I can’t live’. When someone faces failure in something they have put all their life in feels ‘my life is over.’ When someone experiences physical abuse, they feel ‘I deserve it. This might be my destiny. This is how I was supposed to be treated. I have to live with it’. What is common here? Society and low self-confidence.

You got raped, that is terrible but is it terrible enough to end a life which could turn around for you if you tried? Did you get domestically abused which is bad but is it bad enough to make it your destiny and not prove your worth to yourself? You are heartbroken because someone you loved left you which is horrible but is it horrible enough to make your family suffer because someone they loved wants to leave them forever? You failed an exam by one point which gives you excruciating pain but is it painful enough to end your life where you could just start over?

Our identity fades away when we try to become someone we aren’t or end what we actually are. Trying to fit in the society should not be the ultimate goal. Although the society is not the cause but a symptom since the lack of self-love, lack of realizing self-worth leads to suicide and society is a pressurizing valve which could be closed if wanted. Once upon a time, I wanted to please everyone around me and it took me a long period to realize that I have to ‘sit and breathe’. Life is too short to please everyone but if you couldn’t please yourself, did you even live?

All these hurdles that we face, all the grief that we experience, all the happiness which we have, it is a matter of time that you realize all of it glorified you, made you a person you wanted to be only if you be optimistic and self-loving. Remember, Self-love can never be selfish.

So next time, when you see something beautiful in a person, tell them. For you, it is a mere few seconds but for them, it could last a lifetime. Empowerment will only be done if we work in a team and put flowers not dirt on each other. If we’ve got each other’s back then how will someone fall? There will always be a person to catch you and remind you ‘it is not over my friend. Life has just begun’. There’s so much left to experience, so much left to impart, so much left to grow only if you give life a chance, it will show you how beautiful the world is with all its flaws. Be kind to yourself and others for kindness always pays.

Love yourself. Life will love you back!

Ashruti Narang

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