A life does not need to be perfect but needs the contentment of heart

Life is beautiful

When we look around we saw everything that should please and astonish the mind of a normal human. Be its beautiful flowers, tall trees, dancing rivers or chirping birds. The world and the beautiful designs. We see in spite of a beautiful world, its surroundings most people are still walking on earth like they are carrying all its weight.  The modern man wants to achieve everything but peace and happiness. We see the how the children with torn clothes give honest smile instead of the corporate smiles trending everywhere else. The happiness and the beauty of the life can only be achieved once we consider ourselves as humans and stop expecting the divine perfections from ourselves and others. If we say money, status, luxuries brought happiness, show me one human happy due to these materialistic things. Happiness is a state of mind, a thought, and a beauty to adapt and has nothing to do with materialistic things.  Beautiful are the people who have a smile if not anything else in life.

life is beautiful and life needs contentment heart

Life is the greatest blessing, a blessing that demands to be valued, to be cherished, to be lived in the best possible form. Life comes with ups and downs, with smiles and tears, with success and failures. All these are part of life and is what makes life beautiful and truly worth living. The happiness motivates us to do more and the failures are a calling to do better. Where there is shade there comes the sun. It takes a beautiful heart to know the beauty behind all the struggles, all the failures, all the setbacks that make us a beautiful and grateful person. The ones with beautiful hearts love the moth because they know one day it will turn into a butterfly. A butterfly looks beautiful to all, but what makes it beautiful is the molting, because it lived the stage of moth where maximum call it ugly. Like the butterfly the struggles of human turn them into beautiful we only need to open our minds and hearts to see beauty in our struggles, failures, broken dreams and a broken heart. Our all struggles should lead us only towards one thing I.e. positive transformation.

Life is beautiful to be it living in a home and enjoying all the luxuries or far away from home pursuing our dreams of independence. Life should always be considered as the greatest blessing from God. We should always live with hope and faith, work hard to pursue what we want to achieve. The little gestures make life very beautiful like feeding a beggar, giving pen and book to orphan children, the success after hard work, the hands that wipe tears of others, who spread hope and happiness.

The materialistic things can never make life beautiful. Alife does not need to be perfect but needs the contentment of heart. Life is not being successful by having perfect job, house, cars and other luxuries, but is how you live your life as an example, how beautiful your heart is, how empathic you are, how thankful you are. When they say beauty lies in the soul, they mean the eternal beauty that sees every human alike and lives down to earth with gratitude.

The thing that makes life more beautiful is the purpose of life. The purpose should be beautiful. The purpose to turn the earth into a happy place and source of happiness to all. If we can’t contribute anyway to the world. We should contribute by making it beautiful by supporting every struggling and painful soul.

Life comes with all ups and downs, success and failures, tears and smiles but what makes us survive all this is hope, hope to do better, and hope to try harder next time. Accepting the positive and negative and keep moving. Letting go the things and people that hurt us and embrace the positive situations and people. The beauty of life is not due to beautiful faces, it is the beautiful minds, hearts, and souls that make this place beautiful.

We should always thankful for the things we are given and look at those who are below us. That keeps us away from the pride and ignorance and makes mind peaceful. Life is beautiful with a family who supports you, a friend who defends you, and parents who believe in you, with siblings who understand you, with a teacher who motivates you. We all may not have every blessing in life, but we are given a life that in itself is a big blessing. We should give negative thoughts and count on our blessings and move on……because life is still beautiful.

Sheikh Ayaan Ahad

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