Life- Let’s Ignite Fresh Energy

Life. How do you perceive it or understand it?

What is this? 

I think its growth, i.e. expansion, and love? Therefore, all love is life, it is the only law of life.
“There is, as it were, an infinite ocean behind, and you and I are so many waves, coming out of that infinite ocean; and each one of us if trying best to manifest that infinite outside. So, potentially, each of one has that infinite ocean of Existence, Knowledge and Bliss as our birthright, our real nature.”

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This world is full of vibrations, energy – energy that neither gets created nor destroyed, it gets transmitted from one person to another. The more they energise themselves, more they can influence nature and the universe. They receive vibrations from people and objects surrounding them.

God has put his time, efforts and energy in giving you breathe. Do not destroy those efforts by not loving and not caring for yourself. If he has given you breathe, he will make you use it, and there exits life in every moment you breathe. Have faith in the power that makes the flower blossoms, that make the trees grow, that makes the human breathing, that make the rivers flow. Try noticing the growth around you- of people, of circumstances, of creatures. You’ll realise you are not on the same footing with many but You don’t even need to be on the same footing.

There exist several things to be frustrated upon:

drugs, alcohol, sex, hatred, jealousy, unemployment, child abuse, divorce, the pressure to achieve, conflict with parents, excessive social media interaction.

But there also exists things to be grateful for: proteins, good sex, joy, love, cooperation, employment, beautiful childhood, happy marriage, a satisfaction of achievements, communication with parents, spending time with true friends.

Everything that a human need exists in front of us, one needs to recognise and choose.

One of the most beautiful things that living beings are blessed with is SMILE- smiling child, smiling monkey. The beauty of coexistence cannot be denied. Most of the people tend to ignore the petty things – the food, water, trees, human breathing, working in complex systems inside our bodies.

The beauty of life can be realised by understanding the significance of Today. Every human being is offered at least 16 hours in TODAY that may be crammed full of opportunity, joy, excitement, achievement.

Every individual who has come into this world whether plants, animals or humans, are assigned a unique purpose to be fulfilled in this life. Nobody else possesses the capability needed to fulfil that purpose because only that individual is blessed with that capability. Being born with the beautiful life puts the responsibility of realising the infinite potential one is blessed with.

Nothing is needed to make life beautiful. It is in itself a beautiful, satisfying experience. “Despite all its adversities, life itself is good. Believe in the value of life and its infinite worth. Built in it, for those who believe and endure are ultimate joy, peace and achievement. Fulfilment is offered to all by God, the creator and the re-creator of all who want the good for their lives.”

Until now, life has given many crises, along with their hidden solutions. In future also, it will take care of its crisis and solutions. “If what we are now has been the result of our own past actions, it certainly follows that whatever we wish to be in future can be produced by our present actions, so we have to know how to act.”

Life is a miracle i.e. a wonderful happening. One never knows what is going to happen next. When one is unable to know the next happening, “its surprise, surprise” and here, better let the positive vibrations flow instead of negative. There is a lot to learn from people and situations which one can add to their stock of knowledge but must be careful to influence what essentially is one’s own.

Life is in itself an enthusiastic concept. It loves enthusiasm i.e. God within you, full of God. He has not given life so that you can take it by yourself. Saturating the mind with creative ideas will throw Gloominess and Depression that block off the ability to handle situations. Uncontrollable things should be left with the surrounding vibrations. Let them handle it. “Realise that the world is a thrill with beauty and excitement. Keep yourself sensitised to it. Never let yourself get dull. Never lose your enthusiasm.”

Quietness is as much needed as food and water. It makes us feel the existence of infinite thoughts, vibrations surrounding us. It can activate the unreleased potential within oneself.

What makes life non-beautiful(ugly)?

-Comparison? But with whom? Your fellow living beings who have the same gamut of energy within themselves which exists inside you too. Then where does the difference lie? In the capability of manifesting the real purpose for being in this life.

-Expectation? With yourself? Pay as much as you can. No obligation is there. Unnecessary comparison and expectation lead to frustration which can be removed by injecting peaceful thoughts in the depth of mind.

Whatever happens, happens for good. Life needs to be looked at with different perspective at different times. If it is not good for you, it is good for many others. If it is good for you, it is not good for many others. All things exist in the form of vibrations, which attracts us.

‘You are just a tiny creature; your existence is small but You are whole within yourself which only matters.’

Life wants you to realise the beauty of infinity.

People often forget to be grateful for this life and keep themselves occupied in unproductive daily chores. Relax, Reflect and Rise. Take time to grow, to understand what is correct. No need to hurry, Life is a journey, not a destination. This universe consists of different energies and you are one of them. You are as important as any other energy in any other form. So, strengthen your gravity, making yourself your kind of beautiful person and attracting things more likely to your energy.

Be an Energy Multiplier.”

 Vivek Trivedi

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