are you a conformist ?

Generally, a person who is confined to a particular behaviour or practices is said to be a “Conformist.” A conformist behaves or thinks like the other people in a group and doesn’t do anything unusual.

People often are confined for a desire for security within a group of similar age, culture, religion or educational status. Conformists mainly influence the formation and maintenance of social norms. They help society to function smoothly and try to eliminate any behaviour that is in contrary to the societal ones. Therefore, they can be perceived as a positive force that prevents any acts that are dangerous.

The word conformity is the act of matching attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that are common in a group. The adolescents are accepted and are recognized among their peers by conformity which helps their transition from childhood to adolescence. So, conformity is the one that facilitates our survival and brings comfort.

Some of the commandments of conformists include:

  • Take the path most travelled, which provides you with the least amount of dangers. By doing so, you can seek advice from other individuals to influence your decision making.
  • Be realistic and avoid unique behaviours, which mean to dream real so that you can avoid embarrassments caused due to creativity.
  • Think inside the box, which means to follow all the rules, traditions and every idea that is been taught.
  • Idolize the media, which means to be updated with all the information through television as much as possible. Doing this might enrich you spiritually.
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