How to write Literature Review: Explained with Examples

There is hardly any topic left in this time and age that has not been researched, discussed, or written. Therefore, while computing any academic paper (such as term paper, dissertation, etc.), you will encounter multiple works along the same line. When you read these already published works and use them to further your research, that … Read more

How to Write a Sociology Assignment – Explained With Examples

What is a sociology assignment? A sociology assignment is a task to find out the answer to unknown questions in society. It contributes to understanding, analyze as well to comparing, and contrasting the past, present as well as future. It helps the readers to understand society and its institutions. As a university student, the most … Read more

Primary and Secondary Sources in Research and Examples

Primary and Secondary sources: Researchers conduct researches to validate a phenomenon that they have observed, and this helps develop theories, provide factual evidence and expand human knowledge. Research exists and is conducted across all domains, and as each field is different from the other, there is no singular structure that is cemented. It is up … Read more

Projective Techniques/Tests: Types, Pros, Cons & Examples

Projective techniques are a commonly used but highly controversial method of conducting qualitative research. Projective testing techniques were originally developed in the 1960s for use in the field of clinical psychology. In the domain of psychology, they refer to a type of personality test that exposes participants to a series of ambiguous stimuli such as … Read more

What is an Observational Research: Steps, Types, Pros and Cons

Observational research refers to qualitative and non-experimental studies that seek to systematically observe, record, and analyse a particular society, culture, behaviours and attitudes. It is non-experimental in its observation as it does not manipulate any variables. The steps are undertaken in conducting Observation research usually include: (Bailey, 1994) Observational Research is typically dichotomized on the basis … Read more