10 Famous inter caste marriages in India: All you need to know

On February 9th the Supreme Court upheld that its ‘high time’ the Indian society came to terms with accepting inter-caste and inter-faith marriages. While communal tensions have always been persistent the society is especially divided along the lines of caste which cordons off a large section of the society and hinders interaction the entire Indian … Read more

Types of Religion : sacramental, prophetic and mystical

Types of Religion Problems are universal in this world, humans are continuously making efforts to understand those problems, but there are still such problems which are still beyond the reach and thoughts. Humans can make biological reason which can explain the reasons for the birth of a human but cannot explain the concepts behind the … Read more

Anthropology : Meaning, Definition, Introduction, Branches & Examples

The term “Anthropology” is derived from two Greek words, anthropos meaning human and logos meaning study. So, in the simplest terms, Anthropology is the study of human beings.  An anthropologist tries to study and understand everything that can be related to humans and not limited by time and space. Thus, Anthropology can be defined as … Read more

Sanskritization : Meaning, Characteristics, Modes, Examples & Overview

As our society has been almost ruled by Dominant castes, it overlooked lower caste people. Thus a term and practice also emerged as a result of Purity and Pollution concept i.e. Sanskritization. This phenomenon was first observed by M.N. Srinivas who profoundly found that people of low caste were intimidating other castes rituals in their … Read more