Undoing Invisibility: A Review of Feminist Anthropology

Feminist anthropology is an anthropological approach which primarily critiques the century-old phenomena of anthropological bias. It specifically critiques the euro-centric, heteronormative and patriarchally oriented bias (Anderson, 2012). It wishes to encourage the inclusivity of women (and other minorities) in the practice of anthropology. It also promotes the need to acknowledge the subjectivity of the experiences … Read more

Anthropology Optional: Everything You Need to Know

Anthropology Optional is becoming a popular choice for aspirants especially students from a science background. The preference increases because of its scoring capacities. There are strategies for every subject to complete all topics. It varies from person to person. It has vast spheres as it includes domains like arts, humanities, science, and social sciences and … Read more

Karl Polanyi: Biography, Contributions, The Great Transformation

Karl Polanyi was born on October 25, 1886, in the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Vienna. He founded the Galileo circle at the University of Budapest and actively participated along with a group of intellectuals to emancipate the potential of Social Science which had an immense impact on the Hungarian intellectual life. In 1908, Polanyi … Read more