Margaret Mead: Biography and Contributions

Margaret Mead is one of the most prominent figures in American anthropology. Born on the sixteenth of December 1901, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Mead’s research on primitive societies in the islands of the South seas gained her recognition in the anthropology community. Anthropologists over the years have travelled across the globe, attempting to study societies for … Read more

The Social Contract Theory in Simple Language

This article will dive into the essence of the ‘Social Contract Theory’ according to three representatives, namely, are Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and J.J.Rousseau. It is a short insight into the three thinkers which hopefully will get you into learning more about them! Primarily the social contract theory states that people live together in a … Read more

Franz Boas: Biography and Contributions ( Cultural Relativism)

German-American Anthropologist Franz Boas is best known for his contributions on ‘cultural relativism’ and the re-organisation of American Anthropology.  He specifically explored the cultural and linguistic features of the native North American societies. Franz Boas: Life History (1858- 1942) Born on July 9, 1858, in Westphalia, Franz Boas grew up as a liberal and intellectually … Read more

10 Best Anthropology Books for Beginners

Read this article to know about 10 best Anthropology books for beginners! American Anthropological Association, AAA, calls anthropology ‘the study of what makes us human’. It is the discipline which explores the rise and fall of human civilizations. It tries to understand the cultural development and biological evolvement of homo sapiens from a variety of … Read more

Undoing Invisibility: A Review of Feminist Anthropology

Feminist anthropology is an anthropological approach which primarily critiques the century-old phenomena of anthropological bias. It specifically critiques the euro-centric, heteronormative and patriarchally oriented bias (Anderson, 2012). It wishes to encourage the inclusivity of women (and other minorities) in the practice of anthropology. It also promotes the need to acknowledge the subjectivity of the experiences … Read more