Cultural Diffusion : Definition, Elements and Characteristics

what is culture and culture diffusion Culture or Cultural diffusion is simultaneous and is such a process which cannot be stopped, as it is not an act which people do consciously; it is a process of showing the way to development, and human is created with an intention to get developed. Culture is defined as … Read more

Theory of Evolution: History, Observations and Main theories

Evolution is the change in heredity adapted by a massive population across the world. It brings the change at each and every level viz. Macroscopic or microscopic. When we talk about the history of the evolutionary process, there are two basic and vital processes. First is speciation which means evolving and formation of new species. … Read more

Social Darwinism : Meaning, Origin and Regional Distribution

Social Darwinism is the collection of various theories and perspective that was evolved during the 19th century for the selection of human, popularly known as Survival of the fittest. This term coined major popularity by the ones who were against these theories. They were not in the favor of being called themselves by any label, … Read more

Pratham Pratishruti of Ashapurna Devi: A Feminist’s Representation

Ashapurna Devi, a prominent Bengali novelist, born in 1909, in the colonial India which just got jolted by the wave of enlightenment. All of her writings focused on the existing gender discrimination and the emergence and evolution of middle-class Bengali women-their oppression, position, consciousness and conscientiousness, inspirations and of course their fight. She traces how … Read more

What is Culture Anthropology: Meaning and Explanation

Culture anthropology is comprised of two words, i.e. culture and anthropology, culture can be well understood as one of the reasons for a social formation it includes in it the language in practice by the people following the single culture; further culture also means the rituals or the traditions in practice in a society. Anthropology … Read more

Ethnography: Methods, Types, Importance, Limitations, Examples

Ethnography is a descriptive study of a certain human culture or the process of conducting such a study.  It is a  qualitative data collection approach commonly employed in the social and behavioural sciences. The term “ethnography” comes from the Greek words “ethnos” (which means “people” or “nation) and “grapho” (which means “I write”). A very … Read more

Anthropology : Meaning, Definition, Introduction, Branches & Examples

The term “Anthropology” is derived from two Greek words, anthropos meaning human and logos meaning study. So, in the simplest terms, Anthropology is the study of human beings.  An anthropologist tries to study and understand everything that can be related to humans and not limited by time and space. Thus, Anthropology can be defined as … Read more