Bronislaw Malinowski biography and Contributions

Polish-born social anthropologist Bronislaw Kaspar Malinowski 1884-1942 who started his career or training in 1910 based in England. He is considered to be one of the most important anthropologists of the 20th century. His methodological innovations and scientific activities he became one of the finest contributors to the speculative anthropology in the field modern science … Read more

Relationship of Sociology with other Social Sciences

sociology and other sciences relationship

Sociology is such a vastly dynamic field, that to limit it’s definition to a few words would be an injustice to it. It is one of the several social sciences which deal with man and his activities in society; while the other sciences being history, geography, philosophy, political science, economics or even anthropology. In other … Read more

What is Air pollution and Report

what is Air pollution Air Pollutants Gases which are presented in the atmosphere making air pollution, Pollutant in the sense polluting something especially atmosphere. So what are Gases which are causing Air Pollution? Hydrocarbons (HC) Nitrogen oxides (NOx) Carbon monoxide (CO) Sulfur dioxide (SO2) Hazardous air pollutants (toxics) Greenhouse gases. Above Gases occurring in the … Read more