anti urbanism concept and meaning

Anti-urbanism: As the name suggests, it is anti feelings towards the city. That is rejecting the existence of a city and they want to destroy it. This means going against what the country wants as a whole causing opposition because the country’s progress develops on how advanced and urban all its areas and regions become. To bring the country to an equal level with other developed nation. Urbanism is the benchmark and qualifying level towards progress and development. It is never an individual sentiment rather a collective one. It arises due to the condition of urban phobia sometimes. It’s a global concept. Usually, the anti sentiments are caused when one is frustrated with the city life. They are known to be evil negative spaces which makes people immoral, has increased criminal practice, the misery of the poor etc. They are considered the biggest harm and destroyer of nature. The industrial activities of cities have to lead to adverse climatic conditions and have literally reversed the natural mechanism by giving rise to global warming.

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