actionalism concept and meaning

Actionalism The term is associated with the French sociologist Alan Touraine. It is often confused with the action Theory but is not same as it. In his words, it aims to ‘replace a sociology of society with a sociology of actors.’ It means that the people are the agents of the system in the society … Read more

Attribution theory concept and meaning

The theory was proposed in relation to the word attribution which is a process by which individuals explain the concepts of certain behavior and events and their causes. According to Fiske and Taylor, “Attribution theory deals with how the social perceiver uses the information to arrive at causal explanations for events. It examines what information … Read more

Androgyny concept and meaning

Androgyny: It is an ambiguous identity. A combination of feminine and masculine traits in one person. It can be seen a part of fashion, sexual and gender identities and also a sexual lifestyle. The society especially in India treats such people very differently and are often discriminated because they are considered the negative influence on … Read more

Anthropomorphism concept and meaning

Anthropomorphism: It is like Personification, where human qualities are given to nonliving objects. Human traits, emotions or intentions are attributed to the objects. This is considered a phenomenon or tendency of human psychology. The word has Greek origin and a human form was given to a Christian god. Science, history, arts, and Literature all explain … Read more

aesthetic concept and meaning

It is a philosophical branch which attracts one virtually. It is creating something which appeals to the human eye. It uses the nature of beauty, taste, and art. It is an epistemological perspective. The aesthetics are very subjective so the aesthetic value of anything differs from person to person. It depends on how the art … Read more

Abolitionism concept and meaning

Abolition in simple terms means to discard something. This is from where the term abolitionism was taken which is a movement to end any kind of slavery. Especially the African and Indian slave trade. It has got a historical significance. It also includes the abolition of capital punishment by an abolitionist. It does necessarily need … Read more