Welfare Rights: Meaning and Explanation with Examples

What are welfare rights? To know that one must know what social welfare or welfare society means. A welfare state is a society in which all the basic needs for the well-being of the people are taken care of by the government. The government takes care of individuals and their families by providing public health and medical services, free education for children up to certain years of age, basic shelter and all other basic necessities.

welfare rights definition

The main focus of these societies is on minority groups or on groups which are liable to exploitation and those who are considered to be the responsibility of the society. The rights these people are entitled to are known as Welfare Rights.

The group of people who are dependent on the working class, which includes senior citizens, children, people with any ailment, widows or people who have lost their families, orphans are benefitted through this. The government and other voluntary organizations take up this responsibility but the problem is that it is not as easy as it appears to be.

Most of them are not aware of the rights and facilities that are created and made available for them. Even though the government provides the necessary needs, it does not reach everyone because of lack of knowledge among the people.

Only a small portion of them are benefitted and not all. The rights/facilities that are offered for them cover all basic needs like food, shelter, educational expenses and medical care. Even after taking so many efforts and care in looking after the needy there is a delay in delivering these needs, this is might be due to lack of funding and help from the well-developed section of the society. This is where the role of citizens lies.

We are responsible for their well-being and we should contribute to their development and welfare. I the wealthy section supports the government, the needy will evolve and develop with these facilities and eventually, the dependent sector will reduce.

It is the right of each individual to know rights and to get it and be benefitted when needed. Only when all of them are benefitted, will it be a successful welfare state or society.

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