Top Five Common Interview Questions in 2017

It is an established fact that certain questions almost necessarily crop up very often in an interview here are some interview questions, different from job to job and accordingly the answers also differ as per specific job requirements, some typical questions and their possible answers are as follows these are the few interview questions

How To Answers Interview questions

1. Explain to me about yourself which you feel proud.
EXP: This is certainly a general question. You need not give a detailed account of your career history that is already before the interviewer mentioned in your application /bio-ate. You are not required to repeat them. Here You Should tell the interviewer about your special qualities, traits , ambition, aspiration, special achievements, motivation etc.

2. Describe Your Home Background.
EXP: This question usually crops up when moderately young persons and new school /college-leavers apply for jobs. They have little or no work records before them. By the question, the interviewers try to find out the candidate’s stability, his enthusiastic attitude toward hard work and the family environment for the same.The Candidate, therefore, must try and pick out only those aspects of his background which make him particularly suitable for the job he has applied for.

3. Why are you interested to work with this company
EXP: Here the interviewer is trying to find out whether you have an enthusiastic and positive approach to his organization.If you have done some good background work on the organization,you will be in a good position to say what you really like about it, why you think it has a good reputation and why the job suits you nicely.

common interview questions and answers are given

4. What were the reasons for your leaving the last job?
EXP:; The interview is interested to know whether the candidate left his last job for any reasons which could pose similar problems if he worked with the new organization. Some of the reasons for the answer may be that the candidate is interested to work nearer home or insufficient salary OR end of contract employment OR he is interested in a career change OR he is looking for more responsibility. But never should the candidate run down or criticize his past employer if that is true.

5. How do you spend your leisure time?
EXP: This is a loaded question, which will say a lot about your personality. If you take part in a sport which does not include group participation, you are likely to be treated as a loner not interested in mixing well with people. In case you paint, read, cook, or simply listen to music or TV  you are likely to be creative and a loner. Games such as football, cricket, etc show you are a team member and possess the ability to get along with people.It is very important to note that nothing is wrong with any of the said hobbies. It is only suggested your possible nature and may have a bearing on the kind of job. Jobs such as research work and accountancy which require minimal interaction with people may look for the longer. Whereas Jobs such as welfare, sales ad public relations require a high degree of group interaction and team spirit.

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