SuperBrain (MindValley) by Jim Kwik: What you Need to Know!

Who is Jim Kwik?

Jim Kwik is the CEO of Kwik Learning and a well-known brain trainer. He specialises in fast learning, speed memorization, and memory enhancement. He committed his life to assisting others in bringing out their inner brilliance and full mental potential after suffering a brain injury that left him learning-impaired. Prior to now, the brain trainer took longer to process complicated information. His failure to deal with his peers’ growth has always made him more reclusive than he already was. Kwik attended and completed his studies at a nearby private school. But his damage to the brain had a significant impact on his ability to learn. There is not much information about him and his personal life available on the internet as he prefers keeping things private.

Overview of his business ventures

Jim Kwik is a writer in addition to a businessman and a mental coach. Two of his publications have been released thus far. Additionally, he offers speeches at events and on shows on memory enhancement. Thousands of people watch the trainer’s informative remarks on his YouTube channel. on his Kwik Brain Podcast podcast. He discusses how you may enhance your capacity for learning. Kwik thinks the brain is capable of performing at its full potential. In light of this, he offers advice on how to make the most of your mind’s potential. As of 2022, he had written two novels that were New York Times bestsellers. The first book he released was entitled “Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock your Exceptional Life.” Limitless: Core Techniques to Improve Performance, Productivity, and Focus is the last book, which was released in 2020.

Superbrain by Jim Kwik


Kwik offers a 30-day daily coaching programme called the SuperBrain Quest by Mindvalley. You will be joining Jim as he walks you through his patented tools and strategies for enhancing your memory, attention and learning ability in just 15 to 20 minutes per day. The curriculum is designed to be both simple to understand and immediately transformative. One will rapidly notice significant improvements in your memory and mental capacity as the days go on, and most likely so will those around you. The programme is split into 8 parts on a 5-week basis. Each part focuses on a  few of the skills taught by Jim across his Spotify podcast and youtube channel.

The first part

It introduces the individual to the accurate and bonafide definitions of learning and memory and then teaches them how new learning patterns and approaches can be built. The first thing you are taught about creating a better memory is the MOM system for memorisation groundwork-

  • Motivation
  • Observation
  • Mechanics

 It is important to point out that there is no super formula that will immediately improve your memory. It’s much like a relationship, it takes consistent work and effort to perfect.

The second part

This part refers to lifestyle. The individual will be introduced to the physiological elements of memory including food, movement, and sleep. Here is where the individual learns the techniques that will help enable them to deal with automatic negative thoughts.

The third part

Here is where the individual learns about the techniques that will help them improve their memorisation power. The two major methods one is taught are chain linking and the peg memory method.

The link method, often known as “chaining” is the most fundamental memory technique and is particularly effective for memorising shortlists. It is a sort of visualisation, but with this approach, you must connect with disparate information by conjuring up mental images that do so.

An example to demonstrate this concept can be done by trying to memorise the following list-

  1. Eggs
  2. Bacon
  3. Mountain dew
  4. Canned soup
  5. Baked beans

With the peg method, you can memorize the list easily.

 The fourth part

This part relieves the customer from the embarrassment of forgetting people’s names. The programme emphasises the FDR technique. According to Kwik, when President Franklin D Roosevelt first met someone while strolling around the white house, he was able to recall their names immediately. What was his secret?

The fifth part

The fifth part specialises in expanding one’s vocabulary and learning new languages. To help this problem, Jim formulated his ultimate tip for learning any languages that can be learnt through access to this course. Then, he elaborated on the key substitution method.

The sixth part

Part six is all about memorising speeches and texts. This is done through the loci method, also referred to as the memory palace method. The way to use this is by picking 10 major points in your speech and learning them in order. Then, in your mental palace select two consecutive rooms and pick ten landmarks. Interesting right, wanna know more about it?

The seventh part

This part helps with the memorisation of numbers. Numbers terrify some individuals. When you learn how to recall even the longest string of digits, you won’t be. Kwik recommends the ancient alphanumeric method. One of the most effective methods for memorising numbers is the Major memory system. The Major method works by transforming abstract, lifeless numbers into dynamic, captivating pictures. When we do that, memorising these numbers is simple. we can remember this number 7821247871187987879879100787945 in 10 seconds with Jim kwik technique!

The eighth part

This last stage will teach you how to integrate everything you’ve learned into a cohesive set of abilities that you can utilise to be the best version of yourself every day of your life. Your brain changes as a result of mental training. Additionally, changing your brain also changes your life. You can alter your brain to alter the world. Start by making that additional effort. Do not offer justifications or space for complaints. That’s just a waste of attention, effort, and time. You can devote more time and attention to improving yourself after you stop making excuses and moaning. In a world with limitations, how can you become limitless? Together, we carry it out. There is an African saying that goes, “If you want to go faster, go alone. But if you want to go farther, you go together.” Let’s all raise the temperature today one degree. an increased level of discipline, attention, concentration, willpower, practice, learning, and study.

Yes, it’s worth joining the quest because Jim says There’s no good or bad memory, only a trained and an untrained memory.

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