Top 50 Interesting Qualitative Psychology Research Ideas

50 Qualitative Psychology Research Ideas: Examination projects can be challenging, especially when you can’t seem to find a particular area of interest that you can form your study about. This article compiles a few research ideas on categorised based on which psychological concepts suit your paper. Attachment Styles Attachment styles are the specific ways in … Read more

A History of Western Philosophy – Bertrand Russell ( Summary )

Bertrand Russell’s book provides a comprehensive insight into the history of western philosophy. It is regarded as one of the most significant philosophical works of all time. It is a dazzlingly unique examination of the ideologies of critical philosophers throughout history, from Plato and Aristotle through Kant and the twentieth century. His work is divided … Read more

The Civilising Process by Norbert Elias – Summary

Norbert Elias, born on June 22, 1897, in Wroclaw, was a sociologist who defined the emergence of Western culture as a complicated evolutionary process. His most well-known major book, Über den Prozess der Zivilisation (1939; The Civilising Process: The History of Manners). Elias studied medicine, philosophy, and sociology. He taught at Heidelberg and Frankfurt universities. … Read more

George Ritzer: Biography, Works and Contributions

George Ritzer is an American sociologist best known for his studies on globalisation, Mcdonaldisation, post-modern theory and consumption patterns. He had a very extensive academic career, most of it being a visiting professor in numerous universities. This essay will elaborate on a few of his concepts- globalisation, Mcdonaldisation, Nothing and Something, and cultural hybridisation. George … Read more

5 Major Child Development Theories and Examples

This essay explores a few theories about child development in the following criteria- Early Development Language Development Physical Development Cognitive Development Moral Development Early Development There are two types of factors that are important to an infant’s health: prenatal and postnatal factors. The prenatal factor relates to the mother, it implies the mother’s nutrition and … Read more

SuperBrain (MindValley) by Jim Kwik: What you Need to Know!

Who is Jim Kwik? Jim Kwik is the CEO of Kwik Learning and a well-known brain trainer. He specialises in fast learning, speed memorization, and memory enhancement. He committed his life to assisting others in bringing out their inner brilliance and full mental potential after suffering a brain injury that left him learning-impaired. Prior to … Read more