The Social Exclusion of Dalits with Disabilities

Abstract – This paper will be analyzing the social exclusion of three types of people- Dalits, people with disabilities, and Dalits with disabilities. Social exclusion is a very widely practised concept in India; It can be defined as the “denial of basic welfare rights which provide citizens positive freedom to participate in the social and … Read more

The Sociology of Shopping Malls: Analysis and Summary

Abstract- Shopping malls are a very important type of public space, especially in urban cities, for various reasons. They serve a variety of social effects and involve a range of sociological concepts. This article expands on how they aid cultural imperialism and globalization as well as provide a source of recreation and pleasure for their … Read more

The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life: Explained with Examples

This article explores how the self develops and portrays itself in everyday situations. Introduction The way one presents themselves in society is of utmost importance. It paves the way for how people perceive them and, consequently, how they perceive themselves. One must have a constant good self-image which will allow others to be fond of … Read more