Speech on addiction to Social Media or Social Networking sites

social media or social networking sites

Social media is nowadays a more exciting and fastest media ever had and newly evolving day by day, moreover connecting the people across the country. Apart from that  I myself learned and made more friends and family friends who were across the globe helped me to connect with them easily. I saw how the people are using these social media for their business purposes, some alerts on the disaster, and also our national leaders, celebrities made common peoples connect with them easily.

I saw more people who were using social networks as a daily life routine and nowadays social networking sites marketing was also going to a new era in today’s lifestyle. Although  I already spoke that social media helps in connecting peoples when I  came to know that I used it as the advanced communication tool and Learning media as well as a timepass.

The biggest problem  I have seen and seeing is that social media are mostly used as a destructive purpose rather than the useful purpose. Getting addict to social media has made a  bad impact on concentration especially on the youths, a moreover security towards women it is failing since creating fake id’s and false reports had made huge negative impacts on society as well as on upcoming generations. Nowadays cybercrimes have been increasing day by day and a huge security has been imposing on it. Moreover, technology advancement has been made to uplifting us but today’s scenario is a reverse of that. As far as much today most of the social media working hard on social security and protecting their users.

To a self-analysis, every technology has both positive and negative impact two faces of same coin usage of everything is depends on us.

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