Define Socialization Process and Conditions for Identification

Socialization is a word which explains and point towards, interaction. Interaction for introducing one’s society to others, this “others” includes in it, children and new person of other society. Without this process cultures of societies neither it can be promulgated nor it can be developed and get modified with development.

Socialization is a process which leads to cultural diffusion. Cultural diffusion is a process of mixing of different cultures together. To change and to develop a culture this process is carried out in a society with other societies.

It is a family where you first develop your gender identity, which is also a kind of socialization. This is where you learn what is seen as acceptable masculine and feminine behavior

There are two phases of socialization they are

  • Primary stage
  • Secondary socialization

The primary stage of socialization includes and hence takes place from the very beginning and comes from individual’s family.  Here a child learns basic instinct which will help him, to survive and live among the different people of society. for example, way to use a toilet, ways to eat and feed himself/ herself, a religion which he/ she is expected to follow,  language he/ she should use in future in his society.

Secondary socialization carries on when we start to leave the family home and begin school and wider society. Here, people learn different culture additionally they learn one more thing, i.e. to obey rules.

From the above explanation, there are certain things which can conclude one of which is, socialization is everything which a person learns from his parents and society. Another name which can be given to socialization is globalization. This is another form of socialization

Socialization results and leads to make an individual learn folkways and more. Folkways are the rules which are basic rules and teach basic rules and regulation to spend life for an individual. Mores are the rules which are needed to be followed by individual or members of society

It also leads individuals to develop themselves. For example -a person having knowledge of one culture when travels and hence interact with other society, then his intellectual improves and led to development. Society forms culture according to the geographical condition; also this construction, take into account the physical ability of a person living in that area. Socialization hence improves, not only mental intellectual but also improves physical ability.

Three necessary conditions for a child to socialize himself are:-

  • Interaction of child and his parents must occur, parents must not ignore their presence, in this way parents can improve child’s personality
  • The adult must take interest in child and must fulfill his wish to the level of an extent which is correct.
  • The adult must be able to keep control over the resources and in this away a positive relation of dependence must be developed between parents and a child.

Thus socialization is a process which is natural and cannot be controlled. It is the process which confirms the intention of god behind the creation of human being, i.e. development.

characteristics of socialization

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