Characteristics of Socialization Process and Overview


When a nomadic civilized group travels or migrates, following his culture, the group is faced with different community and has to stay with such a community which has a culture different from them, to survive and live with them they are bound to learn their culture this is another example, how socialization takes place within a society.

Characteristics of socialization:-

  • Socialization is a process which remains to be continuing from the birth of a person to his death. It never stops, however its speed gets changed with stages of life, moreover with position and occupation of life.
  • The socialization process is a process which converts a “human being” into a “social being”. The basic meaning of this statement is that this process teaches a man to behave according to the rules and norms of a society.
  • A personality of an individual is how a society judge to him, which can get developed only when a person or individual understands what a society needs to form him and thus socialization helps him to do so.
  • People promulgate their views in the way which they taught as appropriate, thus socialization may differ from society to society and thus, culture to culture.
  • Culture diffusion takes place due to socialization, of a person belonging to one society, to another.
  • Socialization transmit forward to generations, rules of societies
  • Re-socialization process is what takes place with the socialization of rules of other society, to one’s own society. This is how development takes place. One learned man can teach the whole society and that’s how a society can be learned.
  • Socialization takes out the hidden qualities of a child, and thus develops him mentally, physically and socially, this process is participant socialization.
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