Monotheism: Definition, Origin and History

Religion is a topic of much controversy today, while some religions believe in the worship of a number of gods, while others believe in the worship of a single deity.  This is what is known as monotheism. This is the opposite of polytheism, however, does not have to be confused with Henotheism, which is also … Read more

What is Charismatic Authority and Examples

The Charismatic authority is an authority based on the special personal qualities claimed by and for an individual in order to make the person attractive so that he could influence a large number of people. Originally, it is used in a religious context but now-a-days it is used in all spheres. It is also referred … Read more

Affluent Society concept and Meaning

The word affluent means relating to wealth and material owners. The affluent society can be defined as the society which has enough of material benefits available for the individuals in the society and which are available for use. Because the materials are to be made for almost all population, so the cost of the products … Read more

Folkways: Definition, Meaning & Examples

Folkways are the products of man’s group life. They are created by the groups for their sustenance and maintenance. Individuals get social recognition by conforming to it.A social practice becomes a folkway when the majority of people observe it constantly and regularly. The oft-repeated practices of the majority normally become the folkways, because such practices … Read more